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If you decide to go to the hike with us , you should:

1. Fill out the form and send it on the "Contact" page (preferably in advance), then we will  answer about getting it.

2. Buy tickets on the plane to Simferopol (try to find  plane that came before noon). 

The site of the Simferopol Airport: http://www.sipaero.ru

3. If there are tickets only for pains arriving in the evening, do not worry, come the day before the beginning of the hike, we advise you where to spend the night in Simferopol.

4.After having bought the tickets, please tell us about the time of your arrival.

5. If you arrive by car, please inform us in advance - we will help you in finding of the parking.

6. Meeting of the group takes place at the railway station in Simferopol, in the courtyard near the fountain. Exact time of meeting will be confirmed in the correspondence.  (If someone is afraid of being lost on the station, - write us, - we will meet you near the carriage or on the airport!)

 7. We will give you a pre-purchased products (approximately 3kg per person), will help properly folded backpack, pull all of its tethers, and - lets go!

 8. On the mountains we will go slowly, with frequent halts. The speed of moving of the group is equal to the speed of the slowest tourist. So that no one falls behind.

9. In the most interesting places of the route we usually held longer - that was the time to admire and make photos.  In one of these beautiful places we arrange dinner.

10. In the evening, when we came to the camp, firstly we arrange the tents.  If someone does not know how, we will help. Then everybody can take part in the gathering of the firewood and cooking.  Here we also make an impromptu "shower".

11.  After supper - the time for conversations around the campfire and songs with the guitar. Usually we go to sleep at 10.00 - 11.00 p.m..

12. We get up at 7.30 a.m.. We have breakfast, pack the tents to the backpacks and move on.

13.  In the case of significant deterioration of weather conditions or at the request of the group, we can somewhat change the route of the hike.  (But summer weather in Crimea is almost always good, and if the rains are now at 1-2 hours, and then again the sun shines).