Trekking in Georgia: Upper Svanetia

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Trekking in Georgia: Upper Svanetia.

Svanetia is a region of rich history, culture and traditions. This place practically has not changed its appearance over the last century. This is one of the most beautiful and unexplored regions of the Caucasus, even many of Georgians know about it by hearsay. Svanetia is also the home of the brave and freedom-loving people - Svans, who had never been enslaved by the enemies. Mountains of these places are rich in mineral water - Narzan. The local kitchen is distinguished by its originality and uniqueness. The best cheeses in Georgia are producing here. Beautiful panoramas, clean mountain air and Svans hospitality, will not leave anyone indifferent.

Day 1

  A group meeting at the railway station in Zugdidi and moving to the Mestia

Meeting with participants of a hike on the railway station in Zugdidi at 12.00. Participants who arrive in Tbilisi or Batumi get by themselves to the meeting place at the railway station in Zugdidi. From the railway station, we are moving to a place where we lodge in camping. Cook dinner and have a walk at Mestia.


Day 2

Hike to the Kuruldi Lake.

Early in the morning, we make hike to the Kuruldi Lake. Moving through the deciduous forest along the winding paths and gradually gaining altitude, we will reach the ridge Lamaya, where from a height of 2100 meters we will enjoy a wonderful view of the Eastern part of Ushba mountain Tetnuld and Svans ridges. Continue moving through Alpine meadows, we will go to Kurundi Lake at a height of 2700 meters. After looking on plenty of admiring panoramic views, we return to the campsite, where we have dinner and a warm shower.


Day 3

Hike to the Chalaadi glacier.

Today we will continue to travel light and go on the glacier Chalaadi. Moving along the river Mestiachala we admire the rocky mountain Dalacor (3430 m.), then through the gorge we continue our way to the glacier. Along the way, magnificent views of the peaks Chatini and Ulutauchana will opened to us. Continuing movement towards Chatini, we come to the goal of this day, to Chalaadi glacier, at the altitude of 1920 m. Here we could admire the waterfall Chalaadi and snow spurs Gletcheruli from which originates the eponymous river Chalaadi. Then we return to our camping to take dinner and a warm shower.


Day 4 

Transfer to Zhabeshi and hike to the Tviberi glacier.

After waking up and having breakfast, we leave the camp and move to the village Zhabeshi. There, after making campsite, we go to Tviberi glacier. Along the river Tviberi the gorge begin to rise to the glacier. On the way, we pass through ancient stone fortifications that was used to control the walking trails through the mountain passes. A lot of legends and myths was composed about them. The land where we will go is full of blueberries, cranberries and raspberries. At an altitude of 1920 m route will take us to the waterfall, which is called "Tears of tired women", where we replenish our stock of water. Our road lies through a birch forest, from which we come out into the rocky valley at the altitude of 2315 m to the finish of our route of this day spring with mineral water. Before us, in all its glory lies the majestic glacier Tviberi. After admiring and making photos we will return to the camp.


Day 5

Trekking to Adishi.

Today we need to get from the village Zhabeshi to village Adishi. This will be our first walk with backpacks. Over the previous days we have had time to acclimate and to stretch the legs, so this walk will not be difficult for us. Near the spring with mineral water we refill our water supplies and begin the ascent to the pass. Our way lay through the blueberry overgrowth and we could gather it all the way during the ascent. Then we will come to the pass, with views on the Main Caucasian Ridge. On our way, we will pass through Alpine meadows, heavily overgrown with wildflowers. At the end of the day we will come to the village of Adishi, where we organize our camp in the upper reaches of the river Adishischala.


Day 6

Chhunderi Pass.

Early in the morning, after the breakfast we will continue our way along the river Adishischala and after an hour the path will reach the glacier Lardaadi - Adishi, the largest ice-fall in Georgia. It originates Adishischala river. This is place where we have to force this rapid mountain river. After passing to the other side, we will start slowly climb the steep slope, covered with thickets of rhododendrons and in the end come to pass Chhunderi - the highest point of our hike 2720 meters. From the pass you can enjoy beautiful views of mount Tetnuld and on the whole our route from the Adishi. After the pass we descend to the river basin of Haldeschalla, with its lovely meadows, and near mineral springs set the camp.


Day 7 

Trekking to the Iprali, Ushguli.

Today we have to walk up to the highest village in Europe Ushguli (2200 meters). Along the river Haldeschalla we descend to the village of Khalde, which is known for its tragic fate. The population of this village rebelled against the decision of the Russian Imperial government on the introduction of increased taxes. Well-armed Russian soldiers defeated the Svans and destroyed the village to the ground. This village is an example for the whole Svaneti. The memory of the fallen heroes of honor here today. There are a lot of legends and myths about them. From the village of Khalde we descend to the village Iprali, where the road access to Ushguli. We will come into the campsite and set up camp.


Day 8 

Hike to the foot of mountain Shhary.

Our route will begin on the outskirts of Ushguli community in the village of Gabian. The Ushguli community consists of four villages - Zhabiani, Chazhashi, Murckmeli, Chvibiani. Along the way we will visit the chapel of Lamar, known to the whole Svaneti, with the Church of St. George. Along the Inguri river towards overcoming the many small streams and tributaries, we move to the foot of the mountain. On the way we could see the highest mountain in Georgia - Shkhara (5068 meters) and the plateau of Namquani glacier. At an altitude of 2400 meters we reach the source of the rapid river Inguri, this is the end of our route. We return to camp and go back to Mestia, where settle in a familiar campsite.


Day 9

Drive to Zugdidi

In the morning, we collect the camp, have breakfast, say goodbye to the mountains and drive to Kutaisi. Our campaign is finished.


Round cost:

9 days Upper Svaneti tour - 200$

Price includes:   all recreational payments, payments for all passes in reserves and natural parks, three meals a day on a route, services of instructors, visiting of all sights.

Additional payments: 50$ - transport + campings

If You decide to go to the hike with us,- fill in and send


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