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1. What level of physical fitness is required to participate in a hike across Crimea?

Most of our tourists are ordinary people, without any experience and skills, majority of which are going to the hike for the first time in their life.  Many of our tourists most of their time spend beside computer monitors and TV screens. Some have extra pounds on the waist.  Many are form a habit to move in the city exclusively by car.  Despite all of the above, all our tourists have been finished the route.

2. How many people in the group? What is the age of the participants of a hike?

   The group is usually consist 10 - 15 tourists, aged from 6 to 60 years.  But mostly 20- 45 years.  People from various professions, most intellectuals and half - the families.

3. Should I take a children to the hike?

  We think it is worth. It will be useful for children to broaden their horizons, to see that peace is not limited by television series, computer games and chat rooms. Children are much better than adults adapt to the hike.  But firstly will be better to bring your child in a little hike on the weekend, to see how he (she) react to the hike conditions, whether it would be interested to the child.

4. What about hike menu?

    Menu in the hike usually includes: spaghetti, buckwheat and rice porridge  with tinned stewed meat, pea soups, vegetable soups, sausages, canned fish, bread, semolina porridge on condensed milk, the butter, halva, coffee, green and black tea , carcade, candy etc. For vegans we cook separately.

5. What products should we take with us to the hike?

    All products are purchased by instructor for the entire group, so- don't take nothing!  Otherwise, you will bring extra weight the whole hike. You can take only some of your favorite delicacy and favorite brand of tea (coffee).

6. What should we take from the common equipment?

    Nothing!  All common equipment (axe, pots, pan, ladles, a large tent, campfire accessories) takes the instructor.

7. How much money should we take to a hike?

The price of the hike includes: all transfers, all visits to reserves and natural parks, all recreational fees, registration in the Mountain Rescue Service of Crimea, three meals a day on a route, services of instructors, visiting of all sights.  So the money you may need to buy souvenirs, drinks, fruits, visiting cafes - it is better to provide 100 dollars. If you want, you can ride on horseback (cost about $ 10 per hour). Do not forget about the money for a return ticket (unless you bought it beforehand). If you decide to continue your rest on the seashore, rental will cost 10-30 dollars per person per night + food 10-30 dollars per day (not in restaurants).

8. Is it possible to bathe somewhere during the hike?

    Of course! All camping places located near springs, and in some places near lakes. Men generally prefer to bathe in cold water, and for the girls we usually heats water on the campfire.

9. Is it dangerous to go to the hike in the Crimea?

    No - while respecting basic safety precautions. A detailed instructing will be done at the beginning of the hike. There are no hazardous areas (cliffs, debris, etc.) in the route. 

10. But if anything happen with somebody?

    All participants of our hikes have registration in the the Mountain Rescue Service of Crimea. In the case of an incident we will give GPS coordinates of our location and will wait for the arrival of rescuers. Fortunately, we never need to do it.

11. Is there any mobile connection in the mountains?

      On the tops of the mountains it is a pretty good connection, in the valleys in some places it is not available.

12. Is it possible to charge the batteries somewhere during the hike?

   Unlikely. Better to take extra batteries..