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We will meet at the Simferopol Railway station in the inner yard near fountain at 12.00. We distribute products (bought by the instructor) among the backpackers. Then, on mountain trolleybus, we will reach the village Perevalnoe from which actually our hike begins. Near a rural little shop «we say goodbye to a civilization», having eaten a portion of ice-cream, and lets go! By the so called Donkey Path we slowly ascend up the Lower Plateau of mountain Chatyrdag. During the ascend the more and more fascinating views of the surrounding mountains will open. The first day we spend for acclimatization, therefore we will pass only 8 km. We will make camp in a valley, not far from the Marble Cave. While the group admire the beauty of a cave, the guide makes the first hiking supper. After a supper we sits near a fire, tells interesting stories, play a guitar and admire the starry sky

Поход по Горному Крыму День 1Поход по Горному Крыму День 1Поход по Горному Крыму День 1


On the second day we have grandiose plans – we should pass 15 km. After a breakfast, having combined backpacks and having tidied up behind itself a clearing we start on the journey. Having passed through the oak and hornbeam bushes of 2 km, we visit legendary caves: Uzun-Koba (the Ear of the Earth), Bin-Bash Koba (Cave of the Thousand Heads) and Suuk-Koba (Cold Cave). Going to a southern direction, we cross a karstic plateau, overgrown with creeping juniper and endemic mountain flowers. Having passed through beechen, wood we begin climb on the narrow track curling among the Alpine meadows and in an hour already we stand at top of Chatyrdag - the Eklizi-Burun (height 1527 m.). Under us we look on the panorama of seaside small town Alushta, a hills of Babugan-Jajla, cuted up by the valleys a solitude of the Crimean Natural Reserve, far Simferopol and mountains of  Northern and Southern Demerdzhi. At Eklizi-Burun even in summer often blows the cold winds and quite often cloud sits on it top. Having had a rest and dinner with sandwiches and canned food, we begin descent. We spend the night today near Kutuzovskoe Lake, on a glade protected from a north with the grove of sequoias.

Поход по Горному Крыму День 2Поход по Горному Крыму День 2Поход по Горному Крыму День 2


On the third day we go down to Angarskiy Pass and than further on the east, at first through beechen wood, then through lavender fields and we come to a grandiose stone landslide at bottom of the Southern Demerdzhi mountain. After rest among huge boulders we will visit one more local sight - a medieval Fortress of Funa, the former east advanced post of the Gothic princedom. Having returned to mountain we will begin the next ascension. Soon we appear in the middle of a surprising kingdom of stone idols – in the Valley of Ghosts. Ghosts are represented by stone sculptures of freakish forms and the huge sizes, are the result of aerations. Still a pair of hours of slow climbing and we already at top of Demerdzhi (height 1252 m. Here, from the rocks exposed to the winds it is possible to admire a view on southern coast from cape Meganom in the east to Bear-mountain in the west. Already on a decline we go down on the hikers camp of Dzhurla surrounded with a birchwood, with small mountain lake in the middle of the valley.

Поход по Горному Крыму День 3Поход по Горному Крыму День 3Поход по Горному Крыму День 3


From camp near the lake we go down to small falls and further we go on a path winding in the middle of 300 years old beechen wood. Many of trees exceed 3-4 meters in a grasp. Some times the path leaves to rocky breakages over which golden eagles gracefully soar. By noon we descend in an amphitheatre of Haphal Gorge. The noise of water will be audible from apart of hundreds meters -this is the most full-flowing river of the Southern Coast of Crimea – Ulu-Uzen. On this river is one of the most beautiful, and the most powerful falls of Crimea – Dzhur-Dzhur Falls. Above the  falls there are few picturesque cascades and set of natural "baths" with the cleanest water. Having had a rest and dinner we will go to the tourist camp Ai-Aleksiy, located near a spring named in honour of Saint Aleksiy.

Поход по Горному Крыму День 4Поход по Горному Крыму День 4Поход по Горному Крыму День 4


Since early morning we will start to ascend on a plateau of Karabi-Jajla. It is the largest mountain-mass of the Crimea (the area over 100 sq. km), and simultaneously the most deserted place of peninsula. Landscapes of Karabi-Jaila, with its karstic craters, hills and rare groves of trees in our days are the same as thousands years ago when there lives tribes of hunters on mammoths … From the hundreds caves located on plateau we will visit two – the Big Buzuluk Cave and Cave of Mumin. In the Big Buzuluk ice lies all year long. There are no springs on a plateau and even in the summer there are sometimes happened night frosts, therefore for spending the night we will go down to the blossoming valley of Chigenitra.

Поход по Горному Крыму День 5Поход по Горному Крыму День 5Поход по Горному Крыму День 5


This is the last day our hike. During half of a day, through the Tuak valley, surrounded with vineyards, we will go down to the sea in village Rybachie. Here many comfy beaches with the crystal-clear sea water. From here you can reach on a minibus to Alushta, Simferopol, Sudak or Feodosiya. If you decide to spend few days on the sea, we will tell to you where it is possible to live in tent on seacoast or help you to take a room in one of the numerous private hotels. Here we will say Good bye…

Поход по Горному Крыму День 5Поход по Горному Крыму День 5Поход по Горному Крыму День 5

Round cost: 100$

Price includes: registration in the Mountain Rescue Service of Crimea, journey to the beginning of the route, payments for all camping places, all recreational payments, payments for all passes in reserves and natural parks, three meals a day on a route, services of instructors.