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We will meet at the Simferopol Railway station in the inner yard near fountain at 12.00. We distribute products (bought by the instructor) among the backpacks. We move to the village Sokolinoe, where our trek begins. The first day we do not overwork, because everybody are already tired after trip on the train. So after a few kilometers along picturesque mountain river Kokkozka, we arrange camp at one of its banks. While the chef prepares dinner, you will have time to bathe and relieve fatigue in one of the many "bath" of the river. Water in Kokkozka so pure that trout live here. You can even try to catch it - after few minutes you will understand that it is impossible:) After dinner, after sitting around the campfire, singing songs, playing guitar and listening night birds we will go to sleep in the tents ...


The second day will be harder - now we have to climb to altitude of one kilometer. After breakfast and collecting backpacks, we will continue to move along the river. Depending on weather conditions and the wishes of the group we can go by a short path, climbing through the fairy beech forest  and steep gorge to Mount Orlinyi Zalet. Or we can go by a long road, visiting on the way the lake Bath of Youth and Panyia Spring in the Grand Crimean Canyon, Silver Falls and  Eagles Mount - here is really, in the morning you can see eagles rising by spiraling circles to the sky. We'll have a camp  in one of the finest places in the Crimea - the Barskaya glade. From it steep cliffs, here is a magnificent view on the surrounding mountains Boyko and Ai-Petri. Not far from our camp is located the cave Danilcha Coba -, in it depth  there is a source of drinking water. Many centuries ago  cavemans live here and now- only the bats.


On the third day, resting from the ascend of the previous day, we will go by the flat forest roads hiding from the sun in the shade of ancient oaks, maples and beeches. In these forests, often you can see the shy and swift deers, which, ran away on the slopes from the approaching people. After a few miles away near aspen groves we met an obelisk, which is located near to the Partizanskaya cave. In this cave, which extends 162 m, during the Second World War was a guerrillas field hospital. Then, we pass through the valley Babulgan Small, with a house of forest rangers named "Tea House" located there. After a few miles we pass another forest rangers house - "Ai-Dimitri," and came to the edge of the plateau with the wonderful view on the Baydarskaya valley and start descend to the overgrown by junipers and yew-trees, rather steep canyon Uzundzha. This night we will spend near the spring, on the output of the canyon.


Today we cross the broad and beautiful valley Baydarskaya with located in the middle of it Chernorechensky reservoir. At the request of a group we can visit a cave  Skelskaya, admire on stalactites and stalagmites, and look at Skelsky menhirs - "Crimean relatives" of Stonehenge. And we can head to the opposite side and swim in a rural ponds and visit the waterfall Koziryok. It is pleasant during the summer heat to cool off under the waterfall - just remember, the water falling from 10 meters quite noticeably knocks on the head:) At evening, we will go to Chernorechensky canyon, in the beginning of which we will spend the night.


All this day we dedicate to canyoning. We will go on the narrow path among the trees winding with ivy, we will climb to the rocks, ascent and descent, wading across the river, we will conquer the canyon. Such sights you will hardly ever seen! Do not forget to save battery and the memory of your camera because you will constantly shoot! Quiet and calm at the beginning, the Black River became a raging stream, with the roar rushing through the gorge. Rapids and waterfalls changes to the big quiet mountain lakes, and in a couple of tens meters replaced by foaming rifts. The river seems to be transferred to the quiet and calm Crimea from the spurs of the Caucasus. After going throe almost the whole canyon, in a few kilometers from the village Chernorechye, on the banks of the river we'll make a camp.


 On the last day of the hike we get by the path near the river to the village Chernorechye, where on the shuttle bus we will go to Sevastopol.
If you decide to spend few days on the sea, we will tell to you where it is possible to live in tent on seacoast or help you to take a room in one of the numerous private hotels. 

Round cost: 100$

Price includes: registration in the Mountain Rescue Service of Crimea, journey to the beginning of the route, payments for all camping places, all recreational payments, payments for all passes in reserves and natural parks, three meals a day on a route, services of instructors.